Little bits lately

28 Apr

I can’t believe it’s almost May! Time for hot hot hot where I am, and time for swimming, tanning and all the fun summer activities. I’m already dreaming of tubing down the Salt River… Then my sister turns 21 on the 7th, which is… crazy. But so exciting!

In the mean time I’ve been working on little projects to pass the time. Basically making mini-books (see my inspiration here) so I can use all those photos I take, and then ‘scrapbooking’, kind of. But on a smaller scale 😉 It’s nice having these little things to do when I’m bored and needing something to do.

I finally found succulents! They are currently sitting on the only window I have. I think they’re happy there…

Also, as I will be going to Las Vegas in about a month and a half, I have deemed it necessary to eat a bit better/exercise more. (Which I should be doing anyway) There are a lot of eggs, brown rice, chicken, and vegetables in my kitchen. And by the way, whenever I leave the gym there is a sports bar next door and the smell of their delicious burgers floats over and it is SO NOT FAIR. *hmph* I just had to put that out there.

Happy Weekend!



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