Writing Prompt: Firsts

27 Jun

I came across Danielle at Sometimes Sweet, who created a writing prompt, which I’m taking full advantage of!

My most memorable “first” is my first date with Kyle. If you don’t know, we met on a dating website, and after many emails and phone calls, we finally met up face-to-face. I was so nervous. Especially since the first person I met from the site was, well, not so great. I really felt like I already knew so much about him, except for what he really looked like. We decided to go to First Fridays, which is in the downtown area art district. On my way there I definitely turned the wrong way down a one way street. But that was the only mishap of the evening. When we finally met up, all I could think was how adorable, and handsome he was. So much more so than any picture I had seen of him. After a few minutes my nerves calmed down, and we got to walking around and talking. He was quite the gentleman, really. He wouldn’t let me walk in the gravel; always insisting that he would. (I like to joke about that now when I’m walking on rocks and he’s comfortably strolling on the sidewalk) A couple hours went by, he offered to buy me an art piece, but I politely declined. He did buy one for himself though. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I’m sure it was all the usual getting to know each other stuff At some point I worried that he wasn’t having a good time, and I was so sure of it. But then he said something about how great of a time he was having, with me… That calmed my fears down a bit. Afterwards I decided I wanted to walk around the downtown area a bit, even though walking for long periods of time doesn’t really agree with me.

We eventually got to a place I had been before, and oh my, it couldn’t have been more romantic. There were soft twinkly blue lights everywhere, and a quiet little creek ran through the area. Only a few other couples were strolling around. I had to sit down for a while, so we found a nice bench to sit at, and we talked there for another half hour or so. I remember he told me about his hero, who I can’t remember the name of. But it was then I knew how very smart he was. So many facts running around in that brain of his! I also remember he gave me a nice back rub. Now, this was the first time we had any contact, and it was electrifying to say the least. It was really nice. After that we decided to go find somewhere to eat. As we were walking away, he grabbed my hand, and it stayed with me the rest of the night. We continued walking and at some point I fell silent. Who knows why, but I think my mind was running through a million different thoughts and feelings. I was happy. So, so happy. Then we stopped at a crosswalk, and as I looked up into the sky, into the stars, I felt a light kiss upon my cheek. Just one, and that was all I needed. I don’t think either of us acknowledged it, but it was the sweetest kiss anyone has ever given me. It was prefect. I couldn’t have asked for a better first kiss.

We had dinner at a quiet little place. I believe I had a turkey sandwich. At this point it was around 2 in the morning, and I had to work at 9:30, but as I told him, it was so worth it. I would stay up all night if I could. (The first 2 weeks of being with Kyle were a constant sleepy daze of happiness. Then I realized I needed more sleep!) The walk back to our cars consisted of me not being able to stop smiling. Oh my my, it was a beautiful evening. When we said goodnight, there was a much more passionate kiss involved 😉 Which I enjoyed very much. For me, it was the absolute perfect first date. I plan on going back to that same spot where we sat on the bench on November 11th, for our one year of being together. I can’t wait!


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